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Since the summer season and after the final assembly had been completed NEO has accomplished numerous ground test runs. With this the correct function and its reliability could be demonstrated. During the tests the system has been loaded up to the hovering power level. We had a special focus on possilble resonance problems which fortunately did not occur.


The development of our NEO is still in full swing. Through the intensive use of modern and up-to-date technologies in the fields of the airframe, rotor, powerplant and control system the development effort emerged clearly more extensive than originally thought. In this process even small changes are often followed by further time consuming changes.

One of the latest tasks was the dynamic tuning of the rotor system. Recently, here we have achieved our goal. The rotor is now running at a very low vibration level and the cyclic stick is almost free of vibration. For the first time we have achieved that after assembly of the blades the rotor could go into operation without further track and balance corrections. Currently we are working on the most efficient coordination of the jet control system at the tail.


NEO takes to the air!

On October 31, 2011, NEO left the ground taking off to its first test flight at Mainz Airfield, Germany. After more than ten years of development a dream became reality. With this first flight we have reached the most significant milestone and our NEO project is now entering a new phase.

As part of the certification program Neo now has to fulfill numerous tests on the ground and in the air.

The first flight and the subsequent second flight were used to qualitatively assess stability and control properties of the helicopter. As expected, the rotor is very responsive and also for yaw control the Jet Control System (JCS) requires small inputs only.


NEO flights 2015

Watch our video showing some of the successful flights
of Neo and its newly tuned anti-torque system: